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This online portal has the following sections:

Pensions Scheme Members are able to:
  • Access their current fund balances
  • View their interim member statement
  • View member record card with provisional interest
  • View profile details including beneficiaries
Pensions Scheme Trustees are able to:
  • Access their current fund balance
  • View full scheme balance, memberwise and totals
  • View scheme receipts and adjustments towards contributions
  • View scheme fund balances
  • View scheme member details
  • Register Member Claim Requests
Pensions Scheme Annuitants are able to:
  • View Payment Statements
  • View Policy Status
  • Request/Generate Quotations
  • Access Existing Certificates
Assured Clients are able to:
  • View Premium Payments
  • View Policy Status
  • View Fund Statements (BIMA & Capital Advantage)
  • View Loan Eligibility